The support you have shown me across our district, our city and statewide has overwhelmed me. Your belief in me strengthens my resolve to bring the change that you thirst for to our city council. 

While every word of encouragement pushes me forward, I would like to thank the following people for reaching out with such kind words:

Tom Butler 2.jpg

Tom Butler

Alabama Senator, 2nd District 2018-2022, 1994-2010
Alabama House of Representative 6th District 1983-1994

Tom Butler Recommendation.jpg
Mike Ball 2.jpg

Mike Ball

Alabama House of Representative 10th District 2002-Present
Alabama State Trooper (retired)

Mike Ball Recommendation.jpg
Gerald Clark 2.jpg

Gerald Clark

Madison Resident

Gerald Clark Recommendation.JPG
Connie and Terri.JPG

Dr. Terri Johnson

Madison Resident

President, City of Madison Board of Education 2015-2017

Terri Johnson Recommendation.jpg
David Hergenroder.jpg

David Hergenroeder

Colonel, US Army, Retired

Madison Resident

David Hergenroeder Recommendation.JPG
Dee Fowler.jpg

Dr. Dee O. Fowler, Ed.D

Superintendent of Madison City Schools (retired)

Dee Folwer Endorsement.JPG
Stephenie Walker 2.jpg

Stephenie Walker

Owner, Rocket City Mom
Madison Resident, Community Volunteer & Family of the Year 2019

Stephenie Walker Recommendation.JPG
Arthur Orr 2.jpg

Senate Bill Number SJR-66 Act 2019-199

Commending Connie Spears for outstanding professional achievement
Sponsors - Senators Arthur Orr & Tom Butler

Senate Resolution - Butler Orr.JPG
Nancy Vaughn 2.jpg

Nancy Vaughn

Owner, The Law Office of Nancy Washington Vaughn

Nancy Vaughn Recommendation.JPG
Mac McCutheon.jpg

HR Bill Number HJR-144 Act 2019-142

Commending Connie Spears for outstanding professional achievement 
Sponsor - Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon

House Resolution - McCutcheon.JPG
Troy and Dana Trulock.JPG

Troy and Dana Trulock

Madison Residents

Mayor and First Lady of Madison, 2012-2016

Dana and Troy Recommendation.jpg
PJ Bachelor.jpg

PJ Batchelor

Madison Resident

Community Volunteer

PJ Batchelor Recommendation.jpg

David Bier

COO Anglin Reichmann & Armstrong

Member, Madison County Republican Executive Committee

David Bier Recommendation.jpg
Jennessa Crosswy.jpg

Jennessa Crosswy

Madison Resident and PTA Volunteer

Jennessa Crosswy Endorsement.jpg
James Woosley 2.jpg

James Woosley, PMP

President, Satsuma City School Board
Immediate Past President, Alabama Association of School Boards

James Woosley Endorsement.JPG
Vivian Stringfield.jpg

Vivian Stringfield

Vivian Stringfield
20+ Year Madison Citizen

Vivian Stringfield Endorsement.JPG
Bebe Otejen 2.jpg

Bebe Oetjen

Formal Madison Commissioner

Concerned Citizen

BebeOetjen Recommendation.jpg
Matthew Brown.jpg

Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown
LGBTQ+ Caucus Chair at Alabama Democratic Party

Matthew Brown Recommendation.jpg

Tom Weaver

Colonel US Army Retired

Tom Weaver Recommendation.jpg

Karen Mockensturm

Local Non-Profit Leader

Karen Mockensturm Recommendation.jpg
PeggyLee Wright.jpg

PeggyLee Wright

President, THE COMPANY You Keep
Board of Directors, Fantasy Playhouse

PeggyLee Wright Recommendation.jpg
Shirley Schofield.jpg

Shirley Schofield

Executive Director,

Food Bank of North Alabama

Shirley Schofield Recommendation.jpg